Here are some of the course projects that I have guide during 2012, first and second semesters. Many of the ideas were generated by me along with students.

The problem: Clothes are often kept in the open to get dry after washing. During rainy season, the humidity in the atmosphere increases thus increasing the time to dry cloths. Often there are urgent need to get cloths dried.

The solutions: This devise is a fordable cloth dryer. It uses a heater fitted with a fan and an enclosed closet where the clothes can be kept from drying. The drying time reduces drastically.

With the ever increasing demand for energy, and the need to reduce dependency of fossil fuel, researchers are increasingly looking towards clean source of power. This is an innovative solar water heater and is very economic. We are publishing a paper on this work.

Research in energy efficiency of gas stoves.

A educational games for school students. This game encourages students to learn through playing a board game. For each further movement one uses a set of dices and need to answer a quiz. This game have same board for all classes, but the set of questions (inside the pink box) is changed. Thus, students of all classes can play this game together with different level of difficulties.

This is a laser leveler. This device can be used by architects and civil engineers to measure levels over large distance. It would tell the deviation in X and Y direction.

A pedal powered sawing machine.

Syringe exterminator being displayed by the students to the Director of IIT Ropar in 2012.

During the design exhibition, the students were displaying a laser security system for home. We are looking for companies who would be interested in commercializing this product. The major advantage of this product over the available motion detectors is that this system can cover large areas and is not detectable easily.

This is an efficient chulla (stove) for rural people. It can be used to cook food using any type of bio mass. There are primary and secondary air inlet. The hot fumes are made to pass through four hollow rods over the stove to further heat the container on the top. Villagers can use this heated container to dry chilies and other vegetables. This also reduced the pollution inside the room. The waste hot fumes are allowed to exit after heating the overhead container.

This is a scaled working prototype of a U-TURN warning system. In hilly areas, often there are instances where vehicles need to take a sharp U turn. Unlike in the roads in plain land, U turns can be dangerous in hilly areas, where direct view of the vehicle coming from the other direction is not visible. Drivers, often honk or flashes front lights to indicate their presence. In this system, there is a minor road hump with sensor fitted that lights an indicator lamp on the other side. We are trying to contact BRo for this.

Syringe destroyer

Aid for blind people