July 2015

These are some of the products that I guided in 2015.

We developed this website for a very noble cause. We found that often there are extra food (not leftovers) available to party organizers, hostel messes, conferences, and even in buffets in hotels. These foods are often thrown in the dustbins or given to animals. In countries like India, there are lot of people who do not get a two square meal. We setup a system in which one can send an SMS or call a volunteer (one of the student of this project), who would send a person (we fixed a person who have a two wheeler and an autowala for large amount of food) to the venue. This person would collect food and give it to a charitable organization for poor. Due to various official restrictions and potential issues that can come up later, we have linked only with charitable organizations and do not support beggars. We signed MOU with these organizations. This initiative is also supported by ENACTUS, IIT Ropar.

Meaning: Anna (food, especially rice grains) daan (give or donate).

Visit annadaan.com here.

RFID activated door lock. This door is a smart door. First it would identify the presence of a person standing in front of it. Once it senses a person, the system would be in ON position. The user can show a pre programmed RFID card to open it.

This is a model of a very innovative idea to save power. It uses sensors to identify an approaching car and then it lights the lights on the road in front of it. The innovation is that it increases the intensity of the lights of the street.

The students did research on finding out physical power of Lord Hanuman

This is a PGI-IIT Ropar joint initiative to develop a bone-cutting system to be used during bone-grafting.

A podium that is self sufficient. It has all the inbuilt systems that are required to help the speaker deliver a wonderful speech. It has inbuilt amplifier, speakers, USB reader, MIC, table light, place to keep laptop, RS232 cable, proejctor cable, all in the same system. Director, Prof. Das is seen with the students.

A soda/juice vending machine

An automatic irrigation system

A gas sensor

In design exhibition

Prof. Das (Director, IIT Ropar), myself (Dr. Prabir Sarkar) and Mr. Bogal (Chairman CII, Chandigarh) during the design exhibition

A dish type solar cooker. It is very economical. Seen in photo myself (Prabir Sarkar) along with experts and students during the design exhibition.