Jan 2015

Pathsala. This is similar to the NPTL initiative by the Indian Government, however NPTL is for engineering while this is for school.

This all girls students made an USB solar recharger.

Did you ever wanted to have your house completed automated ? Here is a solution. We developed a smart power-port, controlled by ARDUINO controller, coupled with a website. You can any electrical systems such as a fan or a table light or any other gadget and voila, you can control them remotely.

A mobile gymnasium. A special stand is designed and fitted at the back of a bi-cycle. Depending on the friction force exerted by a friction controllable sets of rods, one can exercise at home by using this economical stand and any bi-cycle.

Here the students are displaying an Android App that they created for children. The app has a set of selected collection of short stories.

This is a research project. The idea is ....... we are publishing it, so it is not disclosed here.

The students made a few websites for IPR cell and some labs. Visit IPR site here.

A grass cutter with grass collector at the back.

A jacket for Army to be used during hot and cold. We have contacted the army to know if they would be interested in this vest.

A major issue faced often is that when we sleep, the room temperate is quite hot, thus we need to put on the fan. However, during late night, the temperature falls, and the fan is still on rotating at the same speed. Ideally the fan should decrease or increase its speed depending on the temperature of the room for maintaining the same comfort level for the persons who are sleeping in that room. This system does it.

This is a small scale demonstration of wireless electricity what was once envisaged by Nikolas Tesla. Even though the idea is not now, it has lot of potential. We planned to use this in a small prototype of Maglev train, but could not get right size of rare earth magnets and suitable electromagnets.

This is a 2D drawing robot controlled by Arduino and laptop.