These are some of the products that I guided in 2014.

A new brush cutter. This was designed to reach small difficult to access areas. This is was also designed to replace a commercially available grass cutter which requires a lot of human effort to carry it and the user has to withstand vibrations while using it. The original design is shown below.

brush cutter

This an innovative sports shoe cleaner. Similar product is available for polishing leather shoes. This have three level of cleaning for sports shoes. First a rotatory soft clothed wet brush would make the sports shoe wet. Next a high absorbing rotatory cleaning profile would take away all the wet dirt and clean it. The third is for dry cleaning only. One can clean the shoes while he/she is wearing it. The motor fitted at the right is activated manually or through sensors to rotate the entire system. Water is kept on the left in a container.

Did you ever got worried about your watering your plants when you are out of your apartment for a few days. This is an automatic plant watering system. It has a programmable timer which when set would allow passage of water from the over head tank/tap for a certain duration at a certain time. The user can fix both the duration depending on the number of pots to water and the time of the day too.

This product was developed for chemistry department. This is an electroplating system.

A bearing extractor.

The students developed a mobile operated robot that can go anywhere. The system can send videos and can be controlled remotely using another mobile.

We developed a room heater that can use biomass but does not pollutes the room. We would like to commercialize this system. If you are interested in commercializing this or any other product, please contact us for complete design.

A mini lathe machine.

This is for local usage only. We found that in one place lot of traffic jams are created, which could be avoided. I told the students to speak to the traffic police and know the issues. A traffic signal system for a particular place in Ropar is developed based on the feedback of the traffic police. We even requested them to visit the design exhibition and give feedback. In the picture you can see that two traffic police are looking at the product.

This system would measure distance of an object like a tree or building without the use of any electronics. It uses a set of mirrors and a precise measuring scale.


Did you ever got worried about those dresses of yours that you kept hanging for getting it dry outside the apartment of yours when it started raining? This product would take care of your worry. The system automatically covers the clothes kept under it for drying when it senses rain. When the rain is over, it again pulls back the plastic cover.

An automatic chalk duster cleaning device

An HIV tester with controllable dose and automatic detection of color when reagents and reagents with blood sample is mixed.

A profile amplifier fixed on a top of a grinder for improved tool grinding.