Remote Controlled Dozer (RCD)

Remote Controlled Bulldozer (RCD) designed while working for BEML, India.

Remote controlled dozer is a Disaster management equipment and is built for the first time in India in 2001-2002.The system allows operator to perform all vehicle functions from a distance from any position to deploy in any hazardous environment without any possibility of the operator being getting hurt. It is an unmanned equipment remotely operated with a trans-receiver. The dozer is meant for removing nuclear wastes and debris after an earthquake. I have designed and developed the mechanical system and the electronic controls have been developed by another group. It is powered by 324 hp@2000 rpm engine. It weighs about 34930 kg. The remote control system has a range of operation of 60 m under normal operating conditions and 300 m with clear line of sight.

Features of the Radio Controlled Dozer

1. Provides remote control for the operating functions of the dozer

2. Enables the operator to move to the most advantageous position in potentially hazardous areas and operate the vehicle.

3. Range of operation is 60 m under normal operating conditions and 300 m with clear line of sight.

4. Emergency safety functions are incorporated.

5. Duplex communication has been used.

Functions which are achieved by the remote controlled unit

1. Engine start/stop

2. Auxiliary functions like head light, horn etc.

3. Transmission control

4. Steering control

5. Brake control

6. Throttle fuel control

7. Blade control

Places where Radio controlled dozer can be used

During an emergency: Demolishing partially collapsed buildings after an earthquake.

In nuclear power plants: Handling nuclear wastes or radioactive dumps.

Defense sector: In certain critical places like hill tops cliffs or near enemy control line.

In chemical industries: Handling dangerous chemical dumps in chemical industries.

In manufacturing industry: Handling hot slurry in a furnace.

In thermal power station: Handling hot burned wastage in a thermal power station.

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