Here are some of the course projects that I have guide during 2013, first and second semesters.

This is a pedometer shoe. It would automatically display how many steps you walked. The display is attached only on the right shoe. For every set of steps you walk, the system would add +2 to the display. A sensor is placed under the shoe.

The problem: This is food packaging system. We received this project through RUTAG, a rural improvement group. Some of the villages wanted to have a way to keep food fresh for about 2-3 days, without refrigeration, before they sell to the market.

The solutions: The proposed system is a way to keep food fresh for long. One has to keep vegetables and fruits inside a plastic cover, use vacuum to take out air and then seal it. The system is tested with fruits.

A motorized board cleaning system.

A strain remover. One can select the appropriate chemical such as soap, glycerine, kerosene to remove different kinds strains, such as coffee, strain due to dirt, strain due to grease.

A set of safety devices that girls can carry to protect them from antisocial people at night. It contain a concealed cutter in a watch, a concealed knife etc.

A lays vending machine. It works on special tokens.

A syringe crusher for mass vaccination. It can crush hundreds of disposable syringes in a few seconds.

This is a simple Universal testing machine by using water and using its property that the density of water is 1 gm/CC for all practical usage. It can find the strength of soft materials in the form of strips. The strip is placed between the frame and the bucket.

This is remote health monitoring system. A doctor sitting in a city can monitor the health of a patient remotely. Additionally, the software has inbuilt program to identify general issues of a patient.