New designs (set 1)


The Joy-mouse is a computer mouse and joystick combined in one. Basically, this is a mouse with the possibility of using it as a joystick too. The user has to press a switch at the top of the mouse to push the joystick base at the bottom of the mouse. This mouse would be useful to relieve the user from stress developed due to moving it often. The joystick can also be used to play games. The mouse is wireless and optical.



This is a music player to alter your mood and emotion. You can draw curves on the sketch pad, depending on the type of music you would like to listen. Say you want do do some important work for one hour and then you would like to go to sleepwant to sleep. So, you would like Mspace to keep you active for one hour and then make you feel speely after that. To have this effect, you need to scribble high profile cures in the beginning of the sketch pad, followed by low profile ones. This would make Mspace select music and songs whose equalizer frequency matches to that of your curve, wiht respect to time. For example, Mspace would initially play rock music followed by instumental music.


Coffee cup with level and temperature indicator.