New designs (set 2)

Control switch for any electrical device

This device has a few special features:

1. Electrical devices such as table fans, ceiling fans, electrical bulbs and other electrical devices that require control of the input voltage can be easily controlled using this device. The blue jog dial can be used to start/stop as well as to control the input voltage to the electrical socket at the left.

2. The jog dial used for on/off is a two pole single throw isolator, that can also be used to control devices requiring high ampere.

2. The electrical socket can be used for any type of plug in the market - traditional, universal, three-in, two-in, or even two bare


3. This system is having child safety. It is connected in such a way that the system will not work if both the two connectors are pushed inside and it is switched on.


I was thinking if we could have light that could be controlled by adding light modules to it, depending on the intensity requirement. The light source shown here consists of multiple number of stackable cylindrical dishes. Each dish has many LEDs inside. Each dish is connected with other using two protruded connectors that goes in the other (not shown). The top dish has a cover.


This is a table top lamp for restaurants. Restaurants generally have fixed intensity of light inside it. Some have bright lights while some have dim lights. Customers might prefer to have the option of selecting the intensity of the light they desire. This design have rotatable panel that could he controlled to increase or decrease the amount of light on each table.


This is a personal assistant. This system can schedule meetings, make trip planning, wake up the user in the morning, check mails and sorts them and help the user to manage his/her daily life.