PhD guidance (degree awarded, defended and submitted)

· Gyanendra Singh Goindi (co-guide). Title: Investigation of Ionic liquids as metalworking fluids in minimum quantity lubrication machining. January 2012-October, 2015. Defended: 8/11/16. Degree awarded on 21/11/16. Current position: Professor and HOD, Department of Mechanical Sciences, Chandigarh University, Mohali.

· Sagar Dhage (co-guide). Title: Investigation of surface textured cutting tools for machining of medium carbon steel, January 2012-March 2017. Submitted: Nov 2017. Defended: Nov 2018. Degree awarded: 3/12/18. Current position: Assistant Professor, JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune.

· Umesh Chaturvedi (co-guide). Title: Sustainability in Indian pharmaceuticals companies. Joined under External Registration Program in MNIT, Jaipur. January 2014- July 2019. Submitted on 15th July 2019. Defended on 7.2.2020. Current position: Assistant Professor, in an engineering college near Mathura

· Bijendra Kumar (guide). Title: Assessing and improving sustainability of products during conceptual design. August 2013-2018. Synopsis completed on 22.02.19. Submitted on 26th June 2019. Defended on 14.5.20. Current position: Working for National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited.

PhD guidance (pursuing)

· Rachit Kumar Sharma (co guide). Through DST (India) -EPSRC (UK) funded Engineering Driven Sustainable Supply Network Design project. January 2016-present.

· Prashant Kumar Singh (guide). August, 2016-present.

· Sunil Sharma (guide). Joined under the External Registration Program. August 2016-present.

· Jitender (guide). Through DST, CSRI funded project. January 2017.

· Anil Baliram Ghubade (guide). Joined as a part-time student. Aug 2018.

· Harmanpreet Singh (guide). August 2019- present.

· Vikalp Sharma (guide). Jan 2020-present.

Junior Research Fellow (completed/ongoing)

· Geo Raju (co-guide). Funded by DST (India) -EPSRC (UK) funded, Engineering Driven Sustainable Supply Network Design project (April 2015- January, 2016).

· Rachit Kumar Sharma (co-guide). Funded by DST (India) -EPSRC (UK) funded, Engineering Driven Sustainable Supply Network Design project (September 2015-January, 2016).

· Jitender (guide). Through DST, CSRI funded project, Study of aesthetics in product design using eye-tracking equipment from a cognitive view (August 2016-December 2016).

· Yuvraj K. (co-guide). Project, micro green roofing. Funded by DST- IMPRINT 2.

Masters guidance (completed)

· Sarang E Tayade (guide). Understanding the relationship between stock and performance of companies, May 2018.

· Rohit Bamne (guide). Study of driving behaviour on the basis of distractions, July 2018.

· Jitender (co-guide). Development of a method for benchmarking sustainable products (external: NIT Srinagar, J&K), completed, 2016.

Masters guidance (pursuing)

· Rahul Kawadu Dadmal (co-guide). Design of a system to control saline intake during a joint surgery, 2018.

· Sai Teja Pothuri (guide). Development of an automation module for Microgreen Roofing, 2019.

· Suraj Goala (guide). Jan 2020-present

· Suraj Gururani (guide). Jan 2020-present

Undergraduate guidance (B.Tech. main project, completed)

· Expert review web site, Asish Dhingan, P Mukesh, Ravi Mohan Meena, and Alok Mishra, 2015

· Real estate website development, Navneet Singh, Naveen Kumar, Honey Singla, and Naman Chhabra, 2015

· Prediction of the effect of design changes on company’s performance, Siddharth L., 2015

· Seed oil extractor, Javed Khan and Nishant Kumar (co-guide, Dr. Harpreet Singh), 2014

· Handy machine to extract oil from mustard seeds, Ajay Kumar Verma and Pareep Singhroha (co-guide), 2013

· Development of particle board using Rice/Wheat Straw, Ankush Kumar and Lal Singh (co-guide), 2013.

· Development of software tool for sustainability evaluation in product design, Parteek Singla, Prashant Yadav, Praveen Kumar Sah, and Raj Narayan Saha (co-guide), 2012.

· Regenerative braking system for human powered vehicles, Raj Narayan Saha and Prashant Yadav (co-guide), 2012.

Summer internships guidance

Many summer internship projects - completed.