Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

Patents Granted

1. Amaresh Chakrabarti, Prabir Sarkar, 2014. Method for Idea Generation for Creation of Product Designs, Indian patent application no.: 859/CHE/2006, patent grant no.: 258579, date of filing: 16th May 2006 (Link: http://www.ipcell.iisc.ernet.in) [Link].

2. Archana Badodekar, Prabir Sarkar, Amaresh Chakrabarti, Prasad G Kamble, 2005. A manually operated aid for impaired people to ingress and egress train and method thereof, Indian patent grant no.: 227939, date of filing: 20th April 2005. [Link]

3. B.Gurumoorthy, Neeraj Pal, and Prabir Sarkar, 2000. Rupturable disposable syringe, Indian patent grant number: 198228, date of filing: 25th February 2000.

Design patent granted (Design registration)

4. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, Dr. Devendra Kumar Chauhan (Department of Orthopedics, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER, Chandigarh), students: Anshu Kaushal, Jaspal Singh, Kaustav Das, Milind Aggarwal. Bone alignment measuring device for knee surgery. Design Application No. 292918. Design accepted and published, Journal no: 42/2019, dated 18.10.2019

Patents Pending (filed, some of them are published) [link]

1. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, Prof. Harpreet Singh, Mr. Harmanpreet Singh, Mr. Fateh Singh, Mohd. Sahil and Mr. Kharak Singh. Stubble removing and conveying machine. Non-Provisional Patent Application filed before IPO-Delhi, 2019. Application no. 201911041636, dated, 15-Aug-2019.

2. US Patent Application No. 16/540,736. Inventors: Malkeet SINGH, Harpreet SINGH, Christopher Charles BERNDT, Prabir SARKAR. Date of Filing: 14/08/2019. Title: Technology and process for 3d printing using swarf particles

3. Filing of Complete Application (Patent of Addition) in India: (LRN No: P3001-IN). Application No: 201923001267. Date of Filing: 10/01/2019. Title: A technology and process for 3D printing using SWARF particles. Applicants: Indian Institute of Technology Ropar and Swinburne University of Technology. Inventors: Malkeet Singh, Harpreet Singh, Christopher Charles Berndt and Prabir Sarkar.

4. Amit R Patel, Prabir Sarkar, Himanshu Tyagi, Harpreet Singh, Sudhakar Sagi, 2018. A Method for Determining a Single Discounting Rate for the Processes Involving Emissions. Application no: 201811044462. Date of filing: 26-Nov-18

5. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, Akash Mathwani, Arpit Sharma, Jitenda Kumar, Harshjeet Singh Aulakh, 2017. System and method for controlling electronic locks, Indian patent application number: 201711003769, filing date: February 01, 2017.

6. Dr. Navin Kumar, Dr. Prabir Sarkar, 2016. A method of fabricating particleboard from cellulosic plant material, Indian patent application number: 201611029993, filing date: 01-Sep-2016.

7. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, Nishant Bagaria, Ekjot Singh, Nabajit Hazowary, Gaurav Kumar, 2016. A rectangular slot-cutting machine for slots of variable sizes, Indian patent application number: 201611015347, filing date: 03-May-2016.

8. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, 2016. A programmable electro mechanical combination locking system, Indian patent application number: 201611004726, filing date: 10-Feb-2016.

9. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, Dinesh Chauhan, Duddela Sai Harish, Gaurav Gupta, Dhruv Kumar Bansal, 2016. Semi-automatic food processing device for preparing sweets and savories, Indian patent application number: 201611000957, filing date: 11-Jan-2016.

10. Gyanendra Singh Goindi, Dr. Anshu Dhar Jayal, Dr. Prabir Sarkar, 2015. A Flexible Continuous Minimum Quantity Lubrication (FCMQL) system, Indian patent application number: 3971/DEL/2015, filing date: 07-Dec-2015.

11. Dr. Prabir Sarkar, Bishal Ghosh, Mahak Sarin, Alluvala Mamata, Dev Prabhaker Singh Tomar, 2015. Stapler device with multi-tier force multiplication mechanism for binding hard materials, Indian patent application number: 3961/DEL/2015, filing date: 04-Dec- 2015.

12. Dr. Prabir Sarkar (Principal Investigator), Banoth Praveen Kumar, Honey Singla, Imroj Qamar, Jaskaran Singh Virdi, Kumar Harshad, 2013. Weighing system, Indian patent application number: 3354/DEL/2013, filing date: 15-November- 2013.